National Benzole 14-ton tank wagon National Benzole 14-ton tank wagon National Benzole 14-ton tank wagon
National Benzole 14-ton tank wagon

PWS17 The Tank Set. One each of :-
National Benzole 14-ton tank wagon
Mobil 14-ton tank wagon.


One each of these two colourful and authentic tank wagons from the Graham Farish standard range. National Benzole were a big player in the British petrol market of the 50s and 60s, and their filling stations were a familiar sight across the highways and byways of the UK. Their silver tank wagon carries the blue & yellow National logo of Mercury, messenger of the Roman gods, wearing the winged helmet that came with his job. Sadly the National brand is no more, swallowed up by Shell-Mex and BP, but you can keep the memory alive by running our tank wagon on your layout.
Mobil, meanwhile, was a brand-name used by the Vacuum Oil Company for their fuels and lubricants in the pre-war era. It was so successful that in the mid-1950s they dropped the original company name and became Mobil Oil. Their tanker is black with a red, white & blue logo depicting Pegasus, the winged horse of Greek mythology. The wagons would have been seen pretty much anywhere on the British Railways network in the late steam and early diesel era, carrying petrol or other fuels from Mobil's vast Coryton refinery in Essex to any of their numerous depots and distribution centres throughout the country. Larger industrial customers with rail facilities might even have had tanker deliveries direct to their premises. Mobil too have dropped out of the UK petrol-station scene in recent years, but the company (now Exxon Mobil) is still going strong. Nowadays they run block fuel trains of giant 100-ton bogie tankers, but our wagon lets you recreate how they did things 50 years ago.
We regret that these tank wagons are not available individually.

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