377-027A  BR 5-plank open wagon 377-027A  BR 5-plank open wagon 377-027A  BR 5-plank open wagon
377-027A  BR 5-plank open wagon

PWS28 BR Goods Set 3. One each of :-
377-027A BR 5-plank open wagon
373-727 BR 10-ton insulated van


One each of these authentic BR goods wagons from the Graham Farish standard range.
When the nationalisation of 1948 swept the old private railway companies into history, the colourful private-owner wagons which had been such a feature of pre-war goods trains were swept away with them, and a new era of austerity dawned. The brand new British Railways had better things to spend the taxpayers' money on than fancy paint for wagons & vans, and those vehicles which were lucky enough to be painted at all got a plain coat of grey or brown. Our 5-plank open wagon, one of the many thousands which formed the backbone of the goods fleet, carries the plain grey livery denoting an 'unfitted' vehicle with no vacuum or air brakes.
As time passed, the wagon works' paint budgets became slightly more generous, and the odd hint of colour broke through the otherwise unremitting air of dinge. Our insulated van, with its unusual but authentic asymmetric doors, carries the distinctive shade of light blue which BR termed 'ice blue' in reference to its use on wagons designed to carry refrigerated loads. Ventilated vans of the same size could carry a 12-ton load, but the insulated vans were only rated for 10 tons because the thickness of the insulated walls significantly reduced the dimensions of the interior load area. Our van also bears the 'XP' designation to show it was equipped with vacuum brakes and so could run in high-speed goods trains, or even attached to passenger trains as so-called 'tail traffic'.
The old wagons & vans are long gone now, replaced by giant high-speed high-capacity modern freight wagons with colourful paint schemes and lots of logos, but you can recreate the good old days of post-war austerity on your layout with our goods set.

Please note that these wagons are boxed individually.
Loads are not included.

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