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PWS30 The Higsons Rake.
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Higsons bulk grain hopper wagon


Three of our Higsons bulk grain hopper wagons.
The process of brewing beer consists fundamentally of steeping a starch source in water, then fermenting with yeast to turn the starch into alcohol. People were doing this eight thousand years ago, and the basic principles remain exactly the same today. The starch source is normally cereal grains, and the grain of choice for most modern brewers is barley due to the helpful enzymes in its fibrous husk. A decent-sized brewery will be getting through tons of the stuff every working day, so they'll be needing fresh stocks delivered regularly and in quantity. When Higsons were brewing up a batch of their best bitter for the pubs & clubs of Merseyside then they'd be needing plenty of fresh barley at their Stanhope Street brewery, and one 20-ton wagonload wouldn't have kept things going for very long. Bulk deliveries of several wagons at a time would have been a regular event to keep the mash tuns simmering, and help keep the railway freight-handling charges down as well. The company accountants would raise a glass to that.
Roll out the barrel on your layout with our Higsons rake.

Please note that these wagons are boxed individually.

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