MDHB steel-bodied van MDHB steel-bodied van MDHB steel-bodied van

PWS33 Steel van set. One each of:-
MDHB steel-bodied van
GN gunpowder van


Back in the so-called pre-grouping era, before all the independent railway companies were forcibly amalgamated into the Big Four in 1923, the Great Northern railway operated a main line from its London terminus at Kings Cross to the towns and cities of Yorkshire. But in fact its tentacles spread much further afield than the Broad Acres, thanks to joint operations with some of its supposed rivals. They were big players in a consortium with the Midland and the Manchester, Sheffield & Lincolnshire (later to become the Great Central) to operate lines between Manchester and Liverpool, which grew into a joint network known as the Cheshire Lines Committee. And through the CLC, of course, they gained invaluable access to the Liverpool docks, so their distinctive gunpowder vans could well have run on the Mersey Docks and Harbour Board railway system. And had the MDHB gone ahead with its plans to run a fleet of its own wagons, then GN van and MDHB van could have coupled up by the sun-kissed banks of the Mersey.
Bring this thwarted union to pass on your layout with our Steel Van Set.

Please note that these wagons are boxed individually.

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