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PWS41 The Industrial Set
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Manchester Ship Canal brake van
Murgatroyd salt wagon


Murgatroyd's Mid-Cheshire Salt Works at Middlewich lay only a few miles south of the route of the Manchester Ship Canal, and had a direct rail link via the LNWR and CLC systems to the canal's own rail network. Salt for the export market would have been packed into Murgatroyd's own wagons at their Brooks Lane site, which would then have been picked up by local goods train and trundled the short journey down the line to the exchange sidings at Glazebrook, near Warrington. There they'd be handed over into the care of the Manchester Ship Canal Railway for subsequent conveyance down to the docks of Salford or Trafford Park, where the salt would duly be loaded onto cargo ships bound for exotic foreign parts. The empty wagons would then make their way back home over the same route, ready for another load. And while they were on the MSC Railway, they'd be part of a goods train with a Manchester Ship Canal brake van on the back. This kind of combination of private-owner wagon and private railway brake van would have been a regular sight on the steam-age railway, and can be seen recreated on the heritage railways of today.
Bring back the good old days of rail-served industry and private railways on your layout with our Industrial Set.

Please note these wagons are boxed individually.

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