7-plank end-door open wagon. 7-plank end-door open wagon. 7-plank end-door open wagon.
7-plank end-door open wagon. PENNINE WAGONS LIMITED EDITIONS

PW001 Chapman Fletcher & Cawood Ltd Sheffield.
7-plank end-door open wagon.
Black with unshaded white lettering.
Includes removable 'coal' load.


One of the extensive wagon fleet of this heavyweight Sheffield-based firm of coal factors. Cawood's sourced most of their coal from the collieries of South Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire, and transported it throughout the north of England and the Midlands for onward sale to coal merchants and industrial customers. The wagons were originally registered in the pre-grouping era with the Great Central and with the Midland Railway. They would have been a familiar sight pretty much anywhere south of the border on the LMS and LNER systems, where their natural role was to lurk grimily in the background of photographs taken on the East Coast or West Coast main lines. The occasional one would have ventured much further afield from time to time, so even layouts set a nice safe distance from the pits, mills and factories of England's industrial heartland could squeeze in one of these wagons without stretching too much of a point.

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