5-plank fixed-end open wagon 5-plank fixed-end open wagon 5-plank fixed-end open wagon
5-plank fixed-end open wagon PENNINE WAGONS LIMITED EDITIONS

PW016 Poynton Collieries
5-plank fixed-end open wagon
Yellow with black lettering shaded red.


The small town of Poynton lies on the eastern edge of the Cheshire plain, midway between Macclesfield and Stockport, and nowadays it's a quiet commuter town on the fringes of the sprawling metropolis of Manchester. Not at all the kind of place where you'd expect to find the muck and brass of industry, and yet a few generations ago things were very different. For the little town sits right on top of a geological faultline called the Red Rock Fault, where the Pennines meet the plains, and to the east of this fault there was coal aplenty just below the surface. The coal seams have been worked here since the Middle Ages, and by the Victorian era Poynton was the centre of a thriving mining industry. The main customers were the cotton mills of Manchester and the silk mills of Macclesfield, with the latter being supplied by barge down the Macclesfield Canal. Then the iron road came to town, with the LNWR and the Great Central both building their own links to whisk the coal from pit to mill in no time. In the 1820s the mines came under the control of Lord Vernon, a major local landowner, and he and his descendants would manage them profitably for the next hundred years. By the railways' Edwardian heyday the Poynton Collieries had their own fleet of wagons proudly bearing their noble owner's title, with His Lordship no doubt reckoning that this brought a touch of class somewhere it was desperately needed. But all good things come to an end, and rising costs coupled with increasing problems with flooding led to the collieries' gradual decline after the Great War. Final closure came in 1936, and today little trace of this once-extensive industry remains. But you can bring a touch of nobility to your layout with our Poynton Collieries wagon.
Please note that a wagon load is not included.

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